Monday, July 2, 2007

Flooded and cutoff.

Well, not game related, but an important issue to me.

Over the past month, maybe longer, we've been getting heavy rainfall almost constantly. And this past week... it finally added up.

About thirty minutes away from here a small town I grew up in, Fredonia, completely flooded Friday. The town was completely evacuated Saturday and is without electricity or clean water.
Shorty after another town on the way here, Neodesha, began flooding as well. They lost power and drinking water as well. The town did not completely flood, but all the roads in or out of the town were covered in water, cutting the town off.

Again, shortly after highway 400 leading here to Independence flooded over. And water began building up in two more towns on our other side, Cherryvale and Coffeyville. And soon after the road leading to them flooded over... blocking us off from that direction as well. Both those towns were partially flooded and are also without drinking water and electricity.
As if it wasn't bad enough... an oil refinery there began to leak, seeping into the flood waters... contaminating it. This water has soon flooded into the southern parts of Independence... and into our water treatment plant.
Since yesterday we have been without drinking water and clean water to wash clothes, dishes... anything.

Me and my fiance, Bonnie, live on the north side of town. This portion of the town sits up much higher, so we are of no danger of flooding... but being without clean water is bad enough.
I also learned that the lake and dam at Fall River, were I grew up and my parents live is almost full... and the flood gates will have to be opened soon. The water from there is heading this way, into our local lake. We've already opened our flood gates Saturday night at nine.

Most of this area of Kansas is flooded, and cutoff from it's surrounding towns. The water should be going down over the next few days to make things easier... but then starts the cleanup.
Plus we have to the treatment plant to be cleaned up so we can get drinking water back.

It's gonna be one helluva week. And it's probably gonna be hell for a little while longer. Here's hoping things get better,and I know they will. It's just hard waiting... knowing people are out there with nothing.
Knowing the town I grew up in is basically a lake now... that we have no way of getting out of Independence right now.

Oh well... just needed to vent a little bit. Bon took some pictures of the flooding, I'll edit them into the post later.

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