Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My initial thoughts...


This would be my first entry, hopefully one of many. I've decided to use this blog as a way of conveying my thoughts and opinions about the gaming industry and community.
And at time to review a few select PC titles I enjoy.

Now, for the foremost relevance, I'm a PC gamer first and foremost. It is on the PC platform that my passion for the hobby lies. But I do enjoy select titles on various consoles... but it is a very small list.

At this moment in time I do not have a whole lot to say, I'm in the Enemy Territory: Quake Wars beta, so I'm sure that in a later post I'll have something to say about this. But as of now I'm still forming my opinions of the game.
Another subject I will discuss openly is the rather heated and controversial rating and banning of Manhunt 2, an upcoming title for the Nintendo Wii system I was very excited about. But that will be a post in itself.

As of now I'm playing a few games... I've been replaying F.E.A.R. and making progress on replaying Quake 4. Also, I've started my second time through Call of Juarez.

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